With Winter coming to an end, what are the next steps to take as a home owner transitioning into Spring? Will these late snow storms delay you in any way to prepare your yard for it's fullest potential this year? What should I be looking for as a home owner as Spring approaches? Have my trees been damaged by the snow or insects this year?
       These are all very common questions to ask at the beginning of the new season and we have the answers to all of your questions. March is the time where we begin to notice tree damage caused by the winter weather and insects such as Turpentine Beetle. This is also the time of year, as home owners, where we plan for our first phase of Landscaping. 

    This is the time of year is where the first phase of landscaping begins. The beginning stages of landscaping consists of completing your Spring Clean-Up as well as spreading your first step of lawn fertilizer. Why are these 2 steps a very important part of preparing your property for it's fullest potential?
    The Spring Clean-Up may seem like it's only purpose is to get rid of leaves to make your property look good, but however there is more to it than that. When we do a Spring Clean-Up with our specialized equipment, we don't only leave your yard looking great, but we prepare your yard for fertilizer. With our high powered leaf blowers we remove all the left over acorns that are matted into your lawn as well as any dead grass that may be left over from the previous season or the winter. This prepares your yard so it can be dethatched if needed as well as making it ready for the fertilizer to soak in to it's fullest capacity. If you would like us to prepare your property for success, call us today for a FREE Estimate. 

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       The 2 leading causes of tree damage this time of year is from winter damage and the Turpentine Beetle. The accumulation of snow & ice weighing down your trees can cause branches to break or your tree to fall down completely. If you notice your tree becoming weak and have any speculation that it may cause damage to your property we suggest you take action right away. If you are unsure if a tree is unstable, give us a call and we can give you a proper diagnosis for no charge. 
      When it comes to Turpentine Beetle there are certain signs you can look for. if you have holes in your tree, white sap, or dead branches then there is a good chance your tree is infected with Turpentine Beetle. However in some cases, you may not see any holes or sap and your tree can still be infected. if you suspect your trees are being infected by Turpentine Beetle then give us a call for a proper diagnosis at no charge.
    Around this time of year, Winter Moth also starts infecting trees. Winter Moth is one of the most common tree killers that eat away
at your leaves during the caterpillar stage which will cause your branches to die, and over time it can cause your tree to die.

***For more information on Winter Moth and other Insects, please visit our "Insects Signs & Symptoms" Page.